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We always had a dream to launch a coffee house or to operate a small Hotel somewhere in the mountains. After quite a few successful and stressful years of hard work in the corporate world, we decided that it is time to change direction and begin a new adventure. Because we both love great quality coffee, we decided to realize our dreams and invest our savings into our project “Friends Coffee House“.

Tomas was born in Austria to Czech parents and up to the age  of 22 he lived in Germany. After moving to Prague he started to work in the field of advertising and marketing. He then married Martina and they now have two children, Jan and Daniel (age 14 and 11). Apart from traveling the world, Tomas also worked as a Ski instructor in Switzerland and a snorkel instructor in Croatia. He also published a book about pre-war Bentlies in the United Kingdom.

Mirek was born in Plzen and in last fifteen Mirek worked in various positions in the financial sector. Mirek loves traveling and asian cuisine. In 2009 he took his family on a trip around the world. Apart from travelling, he likes diving and and visits coffee houses all around the world. Mirek has a thirteen year old daughter Monika.

Come and have a look.

Mirek Sebesta and Tomas Knapek